About PAZU

The vast majority of the Doctors of Science from Pomurje live and work out of the Pomurje region. These trends are, if one considers today’s conditions, understandable and acceptable. For the further development of Pomurje, it is very important to reduce negative consequences that are, due to migration of the first-rate experts, causing difficulties in the region. One of many possibilities is a greater and more efficient mutual connectedness between the Doctors of Science from Pomurje which could subsequently bring to their greater adherence to the local region, as in the professional as well as in the private domain.

Following these goals we had established the association Pomurska Akademsko Znanstvena Unija (PAZU). The purpose of PAZU is to enable a creative academic environment and to connect the members who could, withing their capacities and regardless of where they live, contribute to the development of the home region. After ten years of activity, PAZU has a high reputation in the media and a wider socioeconomic significance. It is a generator of the developmental ideas and at the same time a driving force that will ensure their realization.

The Establishment of PAZU

As a part of the movement Znanost mladini (Science to Youth), the regional center of Zveza za tehnično kulturo Slovenije in Murska Sobota has invited more than ten Doctors of Science from Pomurje who participated every year. With the support of the Regionalna razvojna agencija Mura this collaboration was upgraded, and what entailed was the establishment of Pomurska akademsko znanstvena unija (PAZU) on the founding assembly on November 29, 2002. The establishment was supported by the local community of Pomurje and many of the most important economic representatives from the region.

Goals and Operations

The goal of PAZU is to support, encourage and promote science and art. With its activities, PAZU wants to contribute to the development of scientific thought and artistic creativeness in the region. To accomplish these goals, PAZU carries out lectures and publishing activities and organizes technical and scientific conferences. It collaborates with the economy and other institutions, and offers help by obtaining and  implementing of the projects important for the region’s development. Furthermore, it motivates its members to focus on the work for the progress of Pomurje, what will certainly contribute to the greater visibility of the region and consequently enable new opportunities.

In addition, the annual scientific conference, which is a central scientific research event in Pomurje, should be highlighted, as well as the intensive publishing activity of PAZU. The association publishes scientific magazines, such as ANALI PAZU and ANALI PAZU HD, technical magazine Pomurska Obzorja and the collections of scientific papers and other monographs annually. In the field of promotion of science, two projects are of great importance: a broadcast Po sledeh napredka (Tracing Progress) and lectures carried out by the PAZU members in the framework of Promocija znanosti (Promotion of Science). The association collaborates with Pomurska izobraževalna fundacija (PIF) and Pokrajinska in študijska knjižnica Murska Sobota as well. Additionally, PAZU has a registered research team in the Slovenian Research Agency ARRS.

PAZU Membership

PAZU Membership is a regional and social recognition award. According to the statute, PAZU has honorary, full and associate members. It unifies 150 full members of scientific fields of natural sciences, engineering, medicine, bioengineering, sociology, and humanism.